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Welcome to the Official site of Fervilleon International Federation!

Here you will find all Fervilleon affiliated gyms and groups which are within the structure of this worldwide unifying body.

Fervilleon International Federation was created in 2013 as per Grandmaster Napoleon A. Fernandez’ explicit instructions to his disciple Master Armando D. Liban — to take full charge and leadership of Yaw-Yan Fervilleon, to manage the teaching curriculum and the instructional development program based on the complete standardized 2013 Finalized Version of Fervilleon given him by GM Nap, to preserve and promote Yaw-Yan Fervilleon,  and to create one cohesive organizational structure FREE from Politics and Internal Strife.

Fervilleon brothers strive to work collaboratively among each other to achieve common goals and purpose, adhere to the teachings & uphold them with high standards, retain the existing traditions of Yaw-Yan without prejudice, and maintain the integrity of the art as passed-down by Grandmaster Nap.

Fervilleon International Federation is a worldwide consortium of Professional Martial Artists bound as brothers with similar ideals, dedicated to the propagation, promotion, and preservation of the art of Yaw-Yan Fervilleon.  All Directors listed here were given irrevocable tasks and assignments by Grandmaster Nap Fernandez to Propagate the art of Yaw-Yan Fervilleon.

Contact any of our affiliated Fervilleon Gyms listed here if interested in becoming among one of us.


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